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Troubleshooting Your AQ 12.1 Setup

Having trouble with your setup? Most setup issues are easily resolved once you know what to do. Check below for answers to the most common issues we've seen.

Setup Will Not Start, Is Corrupt, Incomplete, or Damaged

Unpacking errors or incomplete, corrupt, or damaged files are usually caused by glitches in your Internet connection. To avoid these problems, try using a download manager. Netscape 7 users can use its built-in download manager. Users of other browsers can use GetRight or Lightning Download. Once you have installed your download manager, click the links above to restart your download.

MSIEXEC.EXE Linked to Missing Export

If you see this error during installation, Windows Installer may need to be reinstalled manually. (Windows Installer is part of your Windows operating system.) Try running the appropriate setup below to update MSIEXEC, then re-run the AQ 2002 setup program.

Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0
(See instructions above)
Windows Installer for Win 95/98/ME
Windows Installer for Win NT/2000/XP

What Is MDAC? (Collaboration Only)

Collaboration depends on Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) that are an important part of your Windows operating system. The Collaboration Setup will install the MDAC components if they are not present, then configure them properly for collaboration.

"MDAC Cannot Be Installed" Error (Collaboration Only)

On some Windows 95/98 systems, you may see "MDAC cannot be installed on this system" if your copy of Windows 95/98 does not have all the latest updates. To resolve this, update your copy of Windows using Windows Update, which is available from the Start button on the taskbar. If this does not resolve the issue, download and install the applicable Year 2000 Updates below, then re-run the Collaboration Setup. If these updates do not resolve the error, download the latest Collaboration Setup for Windows 95 and 98 First Edition and try installing that instead.

Windows 95 Year 2000 Update
(This is the only Year 2000 update needed for Windows 95)
Win95 Y2K Update Download Page
Windows 98 Year 2000 Update
(You must install both of these updates if you are running Windows 98)
Win98 Y2K Update 1 Download Page

Win98 Y2K Update 2 Download Page

MDAC Errors (Collaboration Only)

If you see an "Error 1918" message, then your current MDAC components are probably mismatched. If this happens during setup, keep clicking "Ignore" to continue with the setup. When it finishes, go to the Windows Start button, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Click on Ancestral Quest 2002 Collaboration Support, then click the Change/Remove button. When this runs, you will be asked if you want to Modify, Repair, or Remove. Choose the Repair option. After the repair is complete, Collaboration should work normally.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, just click the Microsoft Data Access Components link below to download and install the latest components directly from Microsoft. Then re-run the latest Ancestral Quest setup.

Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7
(See instructions above)
MDAC 2.7 RTM Download Page

AQ Does Not Run (After Installation)

If setup runs successfully, but you see an error like "A required .DLL file (LTKRN10N.DLL) could not be found" when you run AQ, simply re-run the latest setup and select the "Repair" option when it appears. You can also repair the installation by clicking the Start button, selecting Settings, Add/Remove Programs, and clicking the Change/Remove button for Ancestral Quest 12.1.

Other Collaboration Errors (After Installation)

If your setup runs successfully but collaboration does not work, re-run the separate Collaboration Setup and see if that resolves the issue. If collaboration still does not work, click here to check the status of the collaboration server and to view additional troubleshooting instructions.