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Latest Release Information for AQ 12.1

The most current release of Ancestral Quest 12.1 is Build 34. All changes made to AQ 12.1 since its initial release are listed below.

There is a newer major release of Ancestral Quest. It is version 16. The current build is 11. For a specially priced upgrade fee, you can upgrade to this new version of the software.

Changes in Build 34 (03/23/2011)

General Enhancements
  • Dual Dates: When AQ displayed a dual date, it had been displaying these as two full years, ie, "1750/1751". This was changed to adhere to a standard that indicated that only the changed portion of the second year should show, "1750/1".
  • Check/Repair: An adjustment was made to catch and fix another minor issue.
General Bug Fixes
  • Advanced Filtering: If you searched for a place name using commas only (",") to separate place names, it worked, but if you used comma-space (", "), then it failed. Fixed.
  • Family Group Record: If a Husband's data filled up so much room on a first page that the wife's data was pushed to the second page, then notes that normally would have printed on the 2nd page went unprinted. Fixed.
  • Family Group Record: If you wanted to print notes/sources or empty child boxes, and there was not enough room to print a final child on the page, so the child had to be printed on a next page, yet there was enough room to print the start of notes/sources or an empty child box, then AQ improperly printed notes/sources and empty child boxes before the last child. Fixed.
  • Publish a Family Book: Some minor issues were fixed, including problems with properly mirroring margins.
  • GEDCOM with UTF-8: If you received a GEDCOM file from a source that did not provide the proper UTF-8 file header (typically from a Mac software product), but the GEDCOM header indicated that it was in UTF-8 format, AQ didn't import extended characters correctly. Fixed.
  • Individual Summary View: If the primary person in the Individual Summary view was linked to a photo, but the link was broken, the text explaining that the photo could not be found was shown in too large a font. Fixed.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • 95/110 Year Rule: FamilySearch recently changed the 95 year rule to 110 years. AQ was altered to support this change.
  • Importing: When importing ancestral lines, if you asked for more than about 25 generations, the progress bar and estimated counts were wildly inaccurate. Fixed.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features

  • FamilySearch Family Review Screen: If you didn't have parents in your file, but FamilySearch had parents in its version of the family, then the name and event information for your local person would show the information from FamilySearch, not from your file. Fixed.
  • FamilySearch Family Review Screen: If you selected items from the FamilySearch side, such as a marriage event or LDS sealing data, to be placed in your notes, the note wasn't added to your file. Fixed.
  • Ordinance Downloads: In build 32, a bug was introduced that kept AQ from properly converting "Reserved" to "Submitted" and "In Progress" to "In Process" when downloading these reservation status codes from nFS. Fixed. (Note, this fix put put into build 33 after 11/23/11.)

Changes in Build 33 (10/6/2011)

General Enhancements
  • Name Entry: In the Individual Add/Edit screen, you can now swap the order of entering names. By default, you still enter surname then given names, but you can reverse this.
  • Internet Search Parameters: Added "FO" (First name only) and "MN" (Married Name) as parameters that you can use when searching Internet databases. The "FO" option will only take the first given name, even if the person has multiple given names. The "MN" option will first try to use the name you may have entered for the person in the "Married Name" field of the Individual Edit's "More" tab. If that field is blank, then for a male, it takes the surname. For a female, it then takes the surname of the first husband if the woman was ever married, and if not, it takes her birth surname.
  • Searching FamilySearch.org: FamilySearch has made some changes recently to the method of searching the 1 billion records available on their site. AQ's searching was updated to continue to correctly search these records.
General Bug Fixes
  • Name List: If you searched for a person while on the Name List view, then immediately switched to a different view, the person you just searched for would not be the primary person in the new view. Fixed.
  • Advanced Filtering: AQ's field filter did not properly find individuals when you set up a filter with "Sources (All) Does Not Exist." Fixed.
  • Confidential Relationships: If you marked a man or woman as "Confidential" and also marked the relationship as confidential, the other partner should not have been treated as confidential. In some cases, this was not working properly. Fixed.
  • Published Family Book Index: In some cases, the index enties from one page of the index would repeat themselves on the next page. Fixed.
  • Translations: AQ was not properly changing some non-English characters from upper case to lower case, and visa versa. As a result entry of dates with umlauts were not working, and there were some other sorting issues. Fixed.
  • Translations: If a translator tried to translate the source type descriptors, they were unable to get a good translation. Fixed.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • Family Sync Screen: Added a checkbox for "Expand all data". This new box is checked by default. You can remove the checkmark. Without the checkmark, this screen will act as it has in the past: each family will be shown initially by just the names of the parents, and you will need to click on "expander" buttons to see details of the family. With the checkmark, this screen will initially show all families fully expanded.
  • Diagnostics: Some users occasionally see errors dealing with the storage of nFS linking items when they run Check/Repair. We have added a preference item to help detect when such an error would first occur.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features

  • Seal to Parent: AQ was not properly sending Seal to Parent data to nFS, nor was it properly deleting Seal to Parent data that you had uploaded to nFS. Fixed.
  • Seal to Parent: For some children on the Family Sync screen, special codes such as "Ready", "In Progress", etc. were not being shown. Fixed.
  • Seal to Parent Dates/Translations: When displaying and importing SP dates using non-English language modules, these dates sometimes did not encode properly. Fixed.

Changes in Build 32 (7/21/2011)

General Enhancements
  • Skins/Color Themes: Four (4) new skins were added. One of these is called, "Classic" and approximates the default color scheme from earlier builds of AQ.
  • Color: A new preference was added to the Color selection screen that allows you to select high contrast tabs on the main views. In build 31, basic color schemes had high contrast tabs. The new default for this setting is to NOT have high contrast tabs. If you like the tabs to be more bold, turn on this setting.
  • Toolbar: Adjusted a couple of the toolbar icons that users indicated were not intuitive.
  • Toolbar: The toolbar icon to search the World Wide Web now has a shortcut key associated with it: <Ctrl+W>
  • Menus: Added menu items in the Help menu and the Internet menu to provide help on how to get the most out of researching Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org from within AQ.
  • Researching on the Web: In earlier builds of AQ, the default web search has been to search Ancestry.com. This has been changed to the free search on FamilySearch.org. For users who prefer to search Ancestry.com, they can reset the default in the "Internet" menu using the "Favorite Sites" screen.
  • Searching FamilySearch.org: FamilySearch has made some changes recently to the method of searching the 1 billion records available on their site. AQ's searching was updated to continue to correctly search these records.
General Bug Fixes
  • Colors: A bug was introduced in build 31 that affected a few users. The wrong color was selected to display the relationship indicators, so the text blended into the background of the screen in such a way as to make these indicators hard to see. Fixed.
  • Toolbars: In build 31, the background of the new toolbar icons did not always blend in to the toolbar properly. Fixed.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features

  • Syncing: If you tried to update the gender of a person in your file by selecting the gender of the matching record in nFS, the update did not take place. Fixed.
  • Language Issues: If you uploaded a person from your local file to nFS while using a non-English language module, dates were properly updated. However if you updated a single event while syncing, the date would be sent to nFS in the language you were using rather than in English. Fixed.

Changes in Build 31 (7/12/2011)

General Enhancements
  • Skins/Color Themes: You will now have a choice of keeping your current color scheme for the Pedigree and Family View, or of choosing from several predefined color schemes called 'Skins'.
  • Gender Icons: On the Family view, you can choose to show gender icons for each person shown. If you don't show the gender icons, you will see 'M' or 'F' gender indicators next to each child.
  • Text on Pedigree/Family Views: Additional refinements were made. If you want to adjust the text size, go to Preferences in the 'Tools' menu. (You can use the "Default" button to set the font to the new default.)
    On the Family View, if you make AQ's window narrower, the fonts will become proportionately smaller
    In the 'Fonts' tab of the 'Preferences' screen, there is a checkbox for 'Keep Pedigree and Family View fonts proportional to screen.' Take the time to see how this option affects the text on these screens as you adjust the size of the AQ window, so you can set it according to your taste.
  • Multiple Monitors: When certain dialog boxes were shown, and you had more than one monitor, some of the screens often appeared on the other monitor. AQ is monitor aware for most screens now.
  • Scrapbook List Report: A new option allows you to list only scrapbook items with broken links.
  • Program Startup: When you start AQ either for the first time, or later when it can't find a file to automatically open, you get several options for how to begin. A new option is to start a file by importing from NFS.
  • Backup File Names:In build 30, we added the ability to add date and time to the backup file name. AQ now allows you to specify date format as either DD MMM YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Ancestry/Descendant Charts: On some older reports (like Ancestry/Descendant), there was no space in place names between the comma and next place. Adjusted most cases to have a space.
General Bug Fixes
  • Language Modules: If you were using a non-English language, and you downloaded a new build for which no text changes were made, AQ would insist that you hadn't yet upgraded. Fixed.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features

  • Reading Notes/Sources from nFS: On or about 7/2/2011, FamilySearch changed the way they require AQ to read notes and sources. As a result, notes and sources from nFS can no longer be read using earlier builds of AQ. Build 31 implemented the new method of reading notes and sources from nFS.
  • Language Issues: If you had selected a language other than English, it would properly show the dates from nFS on your review screens, but if you uploaded a date to nFS from your local file, the date would be sent to nFS in the selected language rather than in English. nFS didn't expect this. The dates are now converted to English prior to being uploaded.

Changes in Build 30 (5/26/2011)

General Enhancements
  • Text on Pedigree/Family Views: Additional refinements were made. Things you should notice:
    The text will be a bit smaller. If you want to adjust the text size, go to Preferences in the 'Tools' menu. (You can use the "Default" button to set the font to the new default.)
    On the Family View, if you make AQ's window narrower, the fonts will become proportionately smaller
    In the 'Fonts' tab of the 'Preferences' screen, there is a checkbox for 'Keep Pedigree and Family View fonts proportional to screen.' Take the time to see how this option affects the text on these screens as you adjust the size of the AQ window, so you can set it according to your taste.
General Bug Fixes
  • Web Pages/Scrapbook Links: If you linked scrapbook items stored on the Internet to your individuals and sources, you would get an error when trying to generate Web Pages from AQ, and the Web Page would not show the scrapbook items. Fixed.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features

  • 95 Year Record: If you tried to work with a record in nFS for a person who was born in the last 95 years, and who had a mother but no father in the nFS system, AQ would crash when trying to process the nFS record. Fixed.
  • Ordinance Reservation/Tracking System: If you entered a record into AQ's ORTS and later deleted that record from your AQ or PAF database, the reference to that record was not deleted from the ORT System. Fixed.
  • Ordinance Reservation/Tracking System: If you started to load the records in the "Reserve Ordinances/Create Batches" screen, and then you paused the load, there was a problem in one instance: if any of the records not yet loaded was of a record on the nFS system without a matching record in your database (most users would not have this situation), then that record would be removed from the batch. Fixed.

Changes in Build 29 (5/12/2011)

General Enhancements
  • Backups: You can now have AQ add the date and time to the name of a backup file. By default, the date is turned on. In 'Preferences' you can turn this off if you want backup filenames as before, and you can also ask for the time of day to be added to the backup filename.
  • Backups: In the past, AQ would remind you every 10 times that you closed the file that you should backup. Now it will remind you every 3 times.
  • Database Check/Repair: Additional refinements were made to find and fix additional reported issues.
  • PDF Printing: The PDF-Exchange driver used by AQ requires 32-bit Windows. Users with 64-bit Windows were unable to print PDF files without the "Demo" watermark. AQ will now guide these users to download and use other free PDF creation drivers.
  • GEDCOM Export to Flash Drive: In the early days of AQ, most people stored their data on floppy disks of 360KB. To keep users from inadvertently filling up precious room on the data floppy, AQ would not allow creating a GEDCOM file to the same removable disk. This same check was interfering with users now creating GEDCOM files to Flash Drives with much larger capacities. The check has been removed.
  • Individual Edit Screen: Older computers would not allow as much information to fit on a screen as they do now. AQ had preferences for moving some data (either Other Events or LDS Data) to other screens. These preferences have been removed and Other Events will now always be on the main Individual Edit screen. If you have activated LDS data, it will now also always be on the main Individual Edit screen.
General Bug Fixes
  • Fonts: The Pedigree and Family View text would seem extra large if you had defined the Large (120 dpi) rather than Normal (96 dpi) fonts in Windows. Fixed.
  • Fonts: Several screen that have lists (such as the Search for Individual, Order Spouses, Order Children, Other Events) would not put the correct spacing between columns if you had 'Large Fonts' defined in Windows. Fixed.
  • 10 Children: If you had a family with 10 children in the Family view, and you clicked on the last child, sometimes AQ would improperly act as if you had clicked on 'Add Child'. Fixed.
  • File Closing: If you had opened two or more files, then closed them by using the 'File|Close' menu option, AQ would crash. Fixed. (This didn't happen if you closed the files using the 'X' in the upper right corner of the program.)
  • Modified Register: If you had set the # generations of the 'Traceback' to 0, you would expect that not only the list of names would be removed from the report, but that the parenthesis surrounding the list would be removed. This wasn't happening. Fixed.
  • Page of Testimony: The Page of Testimony (for Holocaust victims) was inadvertently deactivated in the last build. Fixed. (Only available for full version of AQ, not for AQ Basics.)
  • GEDCOM Import: If you were using a non-English language, and you imported a date with a 3-character month abbreviation that didn't match English, then the date wasn't imported correctly. Fixed.
  • Backup Folder: You can specify various folders in Preferences. If you had set one folder for your backup folder, and a different folder for your data folder, the restore process was suggesting that you restore to the backup folder rather than to the data folder. It now makes the proper recommendation.
  • Pedigree Charts: If you had the rare situation when there was no death information, but there was burial information, and you had sources for the burial, the sources would print OK, but the footnote number would not show on the chart. Fixed.
  • Publish a Family Book: If you included several "Individual Summary" reports as chapters in your published book, later chapters could get larger margins, and therefore less room to print the report, with the possibility that the report would hang. Fixed.
  • PAF Database: If you were using a PAF database (.paf) and you had sources for the LDS "Seal to Parent" event, you might see your list of sources properly in the "Notes/Sources" screen, but if you used the 'S' button next to the event to see the list of sources, you might see the wrong sources. Fixed.
  • PAF Database: If you had Seal to Parent sources and printed an Individual Summary page, you might see the wrong sources. Fixed.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • Reserving LDS Ordinances: If you try to reserve an ordinance for someone who has died within the last 95 years, you will be required to state that you have proper permission from the family before making the reservation.
  • FHC Version Login: In a library setting, AQ should not remember the ID and password of the last person who used the computer. The FHC version will no longer allow this.
  • New LDS Events: The new LDS Ordinances (LDS Confirmation and Initiatory) which many LDS users now download into AQ are being stored as Other Events. Some checks were put into the program in earlier builds to keep these from showing when the option to not show LDS data was activated, but they still showed in many situations. These should now only show when the LDS Data option is turned on.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features

  • Conversion of ORTS Data: If you had information in AQ's Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System, and you converted the file, you would lose this ORTS data. (Note that the master copy of the data is always on the New FamilySearch site, so this data could mostly be recovered, but some of the special handling of this data by AQ would be lost.) Fixed.

Changes in Build 28 (1/14/2011)

General Enhancements
  • Internet Searches: In the past, you could set up customized Internet searches using the First names and Last name of any person in your file. With this build, AQ also lets you now use the birth date and place and death date and place with customized Internet searches. This should provide for more refined searching.
  • Access to Hundreds of Millions of Free Records: FamilySearch has just released hundreds of millions of indexed records, many of which have images. AQ now has built-in searches for these records to aid in your research.
  • Access to Holocaust Records: Yad Vashem in Jerusalem has indexed records on roughly half of the 6 million victims of the Holocaust available for public searching. AQ now has a built-in search to access these records.
  • Non-English Language Selection: A dropdown selection box of several non-English languages has been added to the main Pedigree and Family Views. If you don't have any language modules installed, you will have an option to download several translations of AQ, so that you can print reports in other languages, or work in the various screens of AQ in non-English languages.
  • Expanded Screens: Some of the more crowded screens, such as the Individual entry screen and the Individual Search screen were widened to provide more room and feel less crowded.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features

  • FamilySearch Bug: In the December 2010 release of New.FamilySearch, a bug was introduced by FamilySearch which in turn caused AQ to crash. AQ no longer crashes after it reports the FamilySearch bug. (You may occasionally see an error 500 if you encounter this bug.)
  • Search Through Batches: Build 27 introduced a new feature that allowed an LDS user to search through batches of submitted ordinances to find a record. A bug was discovered wherein if you searched for someone who was not on the list, AQ would hang. Fixed.

Changes in Build 27 (12/14/2010)

General Notes on Build 27 - Build 27 of AQ 12.1 introduces a change to the trial capability of Ancestral Quest. For the last couple of years, AQ has had a fully functioning 60-day free trial. As of build 27, this is replaced with Ancestral Quest Basics, a completely free version of Ancestral Quest. AQ Basics does not have a time limit. Instead, all the basic features of the program are continuously free, but the more advanced features are disabled, until a registration key is purchased.

If you already have a registration key, this change will make no difference to you, as you already have all the features of AQ unlocked. This change only affects those who have not yet purchased a registration key.

Also, a few minor adjustments were made to other capabilities of AQ in this build. These are listed below.

General Enhancements
  • Translation to non-English Languages: Moved several text items to the translation tables.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • Manage Batches: Added a 'Find' button that lets you search for an individual. If the individual is in one of the batches, the batch will be highlighted for you.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features

  • Review and Synchronize FamilySearch Person with Local Person screen: A bug was introduced in build 26, wherein if you stretched this screen extremely wide, the check boxes could cover up part of the dates. Fixed.
  • LDS Ordinance Reservation screen: A bug was introduced in build 26, wherein if you had checked the "Keep Together" box, but selected any ordinance other than Baptism, then the other ordinances would adjust to the selection, but Baptism would not. Fixed.
  • 95 Year Rule: Starting with the December 2010 release of nFS (12/13/10), notifications about the 95 year rule were issued when AQ checked the status of ordinances. AQ improperly showed this notice each time you reviewed a person who had died within the last 95 years. Fixed.
  • Logout: With the December 2010 release of nFS (12/13/10), AQ was no longer able to logout from its connection with nFS. This didn't cause a problem, as this almost always happened as the user exited the program. But AQ presented a message indicating that there was a problem. AQ now properly logs out.

Changes in Build 26 (10/22/2010)

General Enhancements
  • Photos/Images: You can now view scrapbook photos and source images in an external viewer. This will let you zoom and edit the photo. Enable this feature either from the Scrapbook tab of Preferences, or from the Scrapbook screen of AQ by checking the box for 'Use External Viewer'.
  • AQ Newsline: Adjusted the new Newsline window so you could choose an option to view it daily or weekly.
  • Check/Repair: Check/Repair has been enhanced to find and fix more items in both AQ and PAF databases.
  • Translation to non-English Languages: Fixed some issues in the Translation editing, and moved several text items to the translation tables.
  • Family View, Children List: The '*' which indicates a Christening date rather than a birth date was too far separated from the date. Adjusted. Also, if you displayed LDS ordinances for children, the birth date was too crowded with these codes. Adjusted.
General Bug Fixes
  • Search for Marriage Screen: If you edited a marriage while on this screen, then looked at it again while on this screen, it would appear that the marriage updates hadn't taken place. The marriage data now refreshes properly.
  • Custom Report: If you had saved a report definition, sometimes it would not re-load properly, causing problems with the report. Fixed.
  • Move Scrapbook Items: If you used this tool to update not only the path of one folder, but the paths of all subfolders of that folder, the subfolders were not properly adjusted. Fixed.
  • Family Group Record: If you had set the event type of a custom event to "Private", any event of that type should not print unless the private flag was overridden for the event. This was not working. Fixed.
  • Custom Event Sentences: When printing a book report or generating web pages, and the sentence for the event used the ability to use a different verb depending on whether the person was living or deceased, AQ always used the deceased option. Fixed.
  • Bookmarks: If you had defined some bookmards, then closed the file, and after restarting AQ you used the shortcut to activate the bookmark prior to viewing the list of bookmarks, AQ would give a warning message and not activate the bookmark. Once you displayed the 'Search' menu, the bookmark shortcuts would then work. Now you don't need to show the 'Search' menu prior to using keystrokes to go to the bookmarked individual.
  • Startup: If you tried to open AQ, and a database was not initially opened, and you had disabled the ability to show nFS data (this is a very rare situation), AQ would crash. Fixed.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • Logging In: nFS now allows AQ to remember your ID and password. This has been implemented.
  • General Public: nFS is preparing to allow the general public to have access. AQ has implemented the general login, so AQ is ready when nFS allows public access.
  • nFS Notes/Sources: A new option allows you to visually see which nFS events have notes/sources after you request to see them.
  • Pedigree View: Ancestry.com links overlapped the nFS icons. Fixed.
  • nFS Marriage Notes: The nFS API has a bug when retrieving marriage notes. FamilySearch provided a work-around in the June release of nFS. AQ now takes advantage of the work-around to better retrieve marriage event notes from nFS.
  • Combine Messages: Improved the messages given to the user when a combine fails on nFS.
  • LDS Ordinance Sync Screen: This screen (found when using the 'LDS' button on the match screen, or the 'Ordinances' button on the ORTS screens) now lets you update the local LDS Confirmation and Initiatory ordinances.
  • GEDCOM Export: If you downloaded LDS Confirmation and Initiatory ordinances from nFS, then exported your data to a GEDCOM file, yet you unchecked the option to include LDS data, these ordinances were still exported. Fixed.
  • Reports: If you print book reports (Modified Register/Ahnentafel), FGRs or generate web pages, and you didn't want the LDS ordinances to show, the new LDS Confirmation and Initiatory ordinances still showed. These reports have been enhanced to treat these new events as LDS events, and will not show when the option to show other LDS ordinances is disabled.
  • Reserve List: If you added someone to the reserve list (either from your database, or an individual from nFS who was not in your database) who was not linked to the corresponding nFS person, and you later linked the person from some other screen, AQ will now acknowlege the link in this screen.
  • Reserve List: In the August 2010 release of nFS, FamilySearch introduced a bug in the API that AQ uses to get the complete reserve list. This made it so that AQ could no longer reload portions of the reserve list using either the 'Reconcile' button of the 'Manage Batches' screen, or the 'Add All Reserved Records' to AQ's reserve list. AQ has been enhanced to work around this bug in nFS.
  • Create Batches/Reserve Ordinances Screen: Added a progress bar when groups of records are being processed.
  • Possible Problems Report: If you added LDS Confirmation or Initiatory events to individuals, this report would most likely flag these as problems. These events are no longer checked for the problem report.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features

  • Marriage Event Notes: If you added a note to a marriage event on the nFS side of the spouse/children Sync screen, it didn't add to nFS. Fixed.
  • nFS Notes: If you loaded notes/sources for nFS parents, then closed the event screen and reopened it, you'd have to load the notes/sources again. Fixed.
  • nFS Dates: If a date came from nFS in the format of 'YYYYMMDD' (ie 18661101), and if you had your preferences set to European date entry, the date would be interpreted as 'YYYYDDMM' (ie Jan 11 1866 rather than Nov 1 1866). Fixed.
  • ORTS Review Batch Screen: If a card was associated with a person whose individual ordinances were not done, but the Seal to Spouse was completed, the card could not be reprinted. Fixed.
  • LDS Ordinance Sync Screen: This screen (found when using the 'LDS' button on the match screen, or the 'Ordinances' button on the ORTS screens) had a bug wherein if you had an nFS parent set with only one parent, then tried to select that set of parents, AQ would crash. Fixed.
  • Family Sync Screen: If you added parents from your local file who were already linked to nFS parents, after the child was linked in nFS to the existing parents, as AQ tried to also add the marriage event, AQ would crash. Fixed.

Changes in Build 25 (04/26/2010)

General Enhancements
  • AQ Newsline: Adjusted the new Newsline window to come up only 1 time each day.
  • Print Preview: AQ has had the ability to hide the pictures in print preview ever since scrapbooking features were introduced. That feature allowed reports to be viewed more quickly. Now that computers are much faster, the ability to hide pictures in a preview is no longer useful, and causes confusion. It has been removed.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • User Friendly: A few of the screens dealing with syncing have been made simpler, and tips have been added to make the screens more intuitive.
  • Ordinance Reservation and Tracking: When loading a batch of reserved records for the first time, AQ checked to see if a local record was linked to the NFS record. If you later linked the records, the manage batches screen would not detect that the link had been made. AQ now checks for links each session.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features

  • Notes/Sources: A bug was introduced in build 23 that kept notes and sources from NFS always showing as expected. Fixed.
  • ORTS: In the "Review Batch" screen, if a local record showed that an ordinance was submitted on a particular day, it might not show the '*' by the completion date to alert the user when the ordinance was done. Fixed.
  • ORTS: If an ordinance showed both as "Reserved" and as "Ready" in NFS, AQ showed the ID of the reserving person rather than the normal selection for "Temple" or "Me". Fixed.
  • Individual/Family Sync Screens: If a sealing ordinance was "Reserved" or "In Progress", it didn't show properly for the main individual after build 23. Fixed.

Changes in Build 24 (04/09/2010)

General Enhancements
  • AQ Newsline: Each time you start AQ, it will show you news about the software, updates, training, or other items pertinent to family history.
General Bug Fixes
  • Family View: The display of Age at marriage and death, introduced in build 23, sometimes did not fit in the display box. Fixed.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • Login to NFS: The new "LDS Account" is now accepted by Ancestral Quest. NOTE: This was not a change made to AQ, but by FamilySearch about the same time as this build was released. (Even if you still keep build 23, you should be able to login to NFS with the LDS Account.)
  • Group Link: If you link groups of individuals through the Group Link feature, and choose the "Link Only" option, this will now process much more quickly.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features
NOTE: All the following bugs were introduced in build 23 as a result of changes both to NFS and to AQ. These bugs were not present in earlier versions. They have all been fixed in build 24.

  • Login by non-LDS Users: The login failed for users with an NFS account who were not members of the LDS faith -- there is a difference in how the login is completed in new.familysearch.org. Fixed.
  • Loading of Some Individuals from FamilySearch: For some individuals in the FamilySearch database -- most common with IOUSs -- AQ might crash during the load. Fixed.
  • Adding Parents: In the Family Sync screen, if you added two new parents from NFS to a child in your file, and also added parent to child facts, AQ would successfully add the parents, then crash when trying to record the parent to child facts. Fixed.
  • Adding Person to NFS: If you added a person from your local file to NFS, and this person had a gender of Unknown, the gender was not written to the FamilySearch record. Fixed.
  • Auto Syncing Family Members: If, in builds of AQ 12.1 previous to 23, you had selected the option to automatically sync data, then you had hidden the option screen for this selection, AQ would crash when trying to sync a local record with the NFS record. Fixed.
  • Delete of NFS Person: Some relationships to the person might not have been deleted at the time the person itself was removed. Fixed.
  • Connecting of Spouses in NFS: If you had parents in your local file for an individual, and FamilySearch had records of the same parents, but did not have them linked as parents in NFS, AQ attempts to link the NFS records together as child and parents. This was failing in build 23. Fixed.
  • Legacy Contributions: If you had claimed legacy submissions as your own, AQ would not allow you to modify or remove data from the submissions under a prior different ID. Fixed.
  • Relationship Facts: While you could add relationshp facts to NFS using AQ's Family Sync screen, you could not modify or delete them. Fixed.
  • Linking Spouses: If you had previously linked two NFS spouses together, then deleted the relationship using NFS, AQ was unable to link them back together. Fixed.
  • Gender: If you were the contributor of the gender of a person, AQ should have allowed you to change the gender. It didn't in build 23. Fixed.

Changes in Build 23 (03/27/2010)

General Enhancements
  • Family View: The Infobox in the upper left corner of the screen now shows the Age of the person at the time of marriage and of death.
General Bug Fixes
  • Database Conversion: If you converted a ".aq" file to a ".paf" file, and you had "To-Do" items with Categories, the categories didn't transfer to the ".paf" file. Fixed.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • General Access to NFS: Updated from the older Version 1 of the FamilyTree API to the newer Version 2. As AQ was converted to the newer API, several other minor enhancements and fixes, not all listed here, were put in place.
    NOTE: FamilySearch retired Version 1 of the FamilyTree API on 3/29/10, and installed Version 2. For users who access New FamilySearch through AQ, this is a required update from earlier builds, as the earlier builds of AQ 12.1 will no longer work with NFS after 3/29/10.
Bug Fixes to nFS Features
  • Import Family Lines: If your own record was already in the database, but not yet linked to the corresponding FS record, and you chose the option to download your own ancestors, AQ would crash. Fixed.
  • Check/Repair: If you were using AQ's "Collaboration" feature, and you also used NFS, the Check/Repair did not properly check or repair the NFS portion of the file. Fixed.
  • Importing Parents and Spouses: If you imported parents and spouses using AQ's Family Sync screen, the LDS ordinances were not automatically imported. Fixed.

Changes in Build 22 (11/05/2009)

General Enhancements
  • Start Screen: If you are using AQ in the Trial Version mode or the Database Viewer mode, the screen has fewer choices and is easier to understand.
General Bug Fixes
  • Read Only CD: If you tried to run AQ to access a database that was stored on a read-only drive, such as a CD, the alpha index file would not work properly. Fixed. This mode is mostly used when you are trying to share your database with relatives or others on a CD. This fix makes this a friendlier option.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • Reserve Ordinances/Create Batches Screen: If you have reserved records for the temples to manage, you can now remove them as a group using the "Remove" button, and cause them to be placed on a batch to view in the Review Batches screen.
  • Review Batch Screen: The list now sorts alphabetically.
  • Reserve Ordinances/Create Batches Screen: If you close this screen then access it later, the list will reload more quickly.
  • Review Batch Screen: If you close this screen then access it later, the list will reload more quickly.
  • ORTS Reconcile: There is a bug in NFS that causes an older NFS ID to sometimes be associated with ordinance cards. This caused AQ to not be able to determine when a card was already in a batch during the reconcile process. AQ has now been improved to detect the newer ID in most cases and avoid duplicating ordinances cards in batches.
  • Ordinance Reservation Screen: Added the RIN of the local person to the names of the parents and spouses. This helps you determine whether the NFS parents and spouses are linked to your local records.
  • Caching: In the August release of NFS, a change was made that caused AQ's caching of NFS records to not work when relationships were changed in NFS. This caused parents, spouses or children on the Family Sync screen to occasionally show an extra "Unknown" that wasn't really there. Caching has been disabled for most situations to avoid this problem. Users of NFS features should go to Preferences under the Tools menu, then select the FamilySearch tab and clear their cache to free up disk space.
  • Sync Options Screen: Added a checkbox to let you indicate that you don't want the screen to show anymore. The current options will always be used instead of asking you in the future.
  • Check/Repair: Check/Repair now finds and fixes a few new items related to NFS.
Bug Fixes to nFS Features
  • Create FOR: In build 21, the ability to add the term, "In Progress" to local ordinance fields was added. A bug kept the user from being able to choose not to add this term. Fixed.

Changes in Build 21 (9/18/2009)

General Bug Fixes
  • Family View: A bug was introduced in build 20, in which if you have at least 10 children in a family, and scroll the list so that child 2 is at the top of the list, if you click anywhere in the child list box AQ would crash. Fixed.
  • Backup to Flash Drives: In rare cases, if you tried to backup to a removable flash drive, AQ would not successfully create the backup file. Fixed.
  • Default Backup Folder: If you set the backup folder in preferences, in some cases the folder setting would disappear. Fixed.
  • Check Fix: Additional checks were added to the check on a PAF 5 file.
  • Book Reports: If you asked for the option to include fill-in-the-blank areas for missing information and a death event was missing for a person, AQ would crash when it attempted to print that page. Fixed.
  • Sources: If you have sources for LDS baptisms, they didn't show on the Individual Summary report. Fixed.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • Pedigree/Family Views: Temple icons no longer show for living individuals
  • LDS Ordinance Reservation Screen: For reserved ordinances, you now see not only the name of the person who reserved the ordinance, but the date it was reserved, and the e-mail and phone # of the person who reserved it, if they have consented to being contacted.
  • LDS Ordinance Reservation Screen: You can choose to have "Submitted on <date>" be entered into the local AQ or PAF database as part of the reservation process.
  • Create FOR: When the FOR is created, you can choose to have "In Progress" entered into the local AQ or PAF database for all ordinances on the FOR.
  • Unreserving LDS Ordinances: When you unreserve ordinances, if the ordinance field in your local AQ or PAF file shows "In Progress" or "Submitted", it will be cleared.
  • Reserve Ordinances/Create Batches Screen: If you already have several records in the list, and it is taking a while for AQ to read the records from NFS, there is now a "Pause" button that will cause AQ to skip the reads so you can immediately start working with the screen. You can later "Continue" to read in the NFS records, or read NFS information on one record at a time as desired. You can also remove, as a special group, all records which were skipped as a means of cleaning up the list.
  • LDS Ordinance Cardholders: If you have added "Contacts" for assigning cards, you can now edit those contacts, delete any contacts, and transfer all cards assigned to one contact to another contact.
  • Review Batch: A progress bar has been added so as the batch loads, you will be able to tell how far along it is.
  • Review Batch: Occasionally the wife's name appeared before the husband's on a couple card. For consistency, this has been adjusted so the husband's name is always shown first
  • Manage Batches: The "View FOR" button would only work in the past if the FOR (PDF file) was still on your disk. Now if it isn't on the disk AQ will attempt to get NFS to send another copy.
Bug Fixes to nFS Features
  • Caching: If you had caching turned on (which is the default), there were times when AQ would give a bogus error about not being able to read the NFS record. Fixed.
  • Syncing: For some events with descriptions, if you tried to save them to NFS, the description wasn't sent properly. Fixed.
  • Syncing: If you tried to update an assertion on NFS that was of type "Other", the update would fail. Fixed.
  • Syncing: If your person had a complex name (more than just Given Name followed by Surname), NFS might not interpret the name parts correctly. AQ would simply send the name to NFS and allow NFS to apply its default logic to separating the name parts. AQ now specifies the name parts so that NFS can't make a mistake.
  • Syncing Families: If you linked a spouse at the same time as you tried to sync marriage facts, the marriage facts would not sync. You'd have to sync the facts after linking the spouse. Fixed.
  • Creating FORs: If you first selected more than the maximum number of records to be placed on an FOR, thus getting an error from NFS indicating that you'd have to select fewer records, and you then created the FOR, you would find that the individuals you had deselected would still be placed in AQ's batch for the FOR and removed from the list of individuals who could be placed on an FOR. Fixed.
  • Review Batch: If a spouse on a couple card was separated in NFS, the card in AQ's tracking system might no longer match with NFS. Fixed.

Changes in Build 20 (8/08/2009)

General Enhancements
  • AQ To Go: You can now install AQ on a removable disk, like a flash drive, and run it from any Windows computer without having to install it on that computer.
  • Family View: Clicking on the Notes icon (the triangle in the upper right corner of the name box for an individual) will open the Notes screen for the individual.
Bug Fixes to nFS Features
  • Collaboration: If you were using Collaboration, and also used the new Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System, if you then used the "Auto Check-In" option to check in the Collaborative file, AQ would try to update the ORTS record after the check-in was complete and give an error message. Fixed.
  • Access: In a very rare case, after AQ read a record from nFS, it would produce an "Invalid Argument" error, which might cause AQ to not complete a task. Fixed.

Changes in Build 19 (7/27/2009)

General Bug Fixes
  • Pedigree View: In build 18, a new feature allowing you to click on the "Notes" indicator in a name box was added, which would be a shortcut to bring up the "Notes/Sources screen." We found that this didn't work in all cases. Fixed.
Bug Fixes to nFS Features
  • ORTS: The Reconcile process would abort in rare situations. Fixed.

Changes in Build 18 (7/23/2009)

General Enhancements
  • Advanced Filtering: The default method of combining the Relationship Filter and the Field Filter has been to OR the two lists. The default was changed to AND the two lists, but also the combining method is now remembered, so if you last used OR or AND, AQ will remember that choice for next time.
  • Pedigree View: Clicking on the Notes icon (the triangle in the upper right corner of the name box for an individual) will open the Notes screen for the individual.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • Update User Profile: You can now edit your user profile
  • Sign in to Help Someone Else: Helper mode was added
  • Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System: This feature is only available for LDS users. If you are able to sign into New FamilySearch, and you are LDS, you can now reserve temple ordinances and track them, updating your local records as ordinances are completed.
  • Matching: When linking local records with nFS records, you can view the details of parents, spouses, siblings and children.
General Bug Fixes
  • Startup: If you started AQ without a file, it would crash. Fixed.
Bug Fixes to nFS Features
  • Timeout: Occasionally, when your connection with nFS timed out, AQ would not be able to log you back in. Fixed.

Changes in Build 17 (5/21/2009)

General Enhancements
  • Preferences: New preference allows you to specify that the last file should not be opened on startup. This defaults to "off" for the retail version of AQ, and to "on" for the special FHC version of AQ.
Enhancements to nFS Features
  • Import Family Lines: On May 17, the nFS system was updated. One of the updates apparently caused AQ to put in the name of "Unknown" for all individuals imported. AQ was enhanced to compensate for this change in nFS.
  • Check Fix: Now finds and fixes additional issues
General Bug Fixes
  • Web Page Location: If you specified in Preferences that you wanted the web pages to be created in a particular sub-folder, sometimes the web pages would be generated in the parent folder. Fixed.
  • Book Reports/Web Pages: In build 15 or 16, we introduced a bug when creating a book report or web page using a PAF 5 file. This often cause names or details to not be shown. Fixed.
  • Book Reports/Web Pages: If a couple's information was such that the header for the children needed to show the first name of the spouse, but the spouse did not have a given name, then the full name would print with the RIN number attached. The RIN number is not longer shown in this case.
Bug Fixes to nFS Features
  • Display of nFS Events: The Baptism, Seal to Spouse, Seal to Parent and Lineage event types were being displayed in reverse order. Fixed.
  • Sync Parents/Siblings Screen: If the parents weren't linked, the screen would let you select items for the main person when it shouldn't have. Fixed.
  • Sync Spouses/Children Screen: If nFS did not have two spouses, AQ would let you try to seal a child. This produced an error in nFS. AQ now warns you that without two spouses you can't seal the child.
  • Family Sync Screens: If you were adding marriage events for the parents and a child who was already linked was being connected to the nFS family, after the child was connected, AQ would crash when attempting to add the marriage event to nFS. Fixed.
  • Family Sync Screens: A recent feature to "Mark All" did not work in all cases. Fixed.
  • Family Sync Screens: If you are adding a local person to the remote family, but you search and find that the remote person already exists, in fact you find that there are duplicates of this person, so you first combine, then the link didn't take. Fixed.
  • Updating nFS Events: If an extra event had multiple contributors, and you are one of these, and you attempt to change the event information, this did not always work. Fixed.
  • Updating nFS Events: If your event contained a Description field with certain special characters (like "&") the event would not upload properly to nFS. Fixed.

Changes in Build 16 (2/25/2009)


  • nFS Family Sync Screen: The check box used to align families between your local AQ or PAF database and the nFS Family Tree now contains graphics that should make it more obvious what the box is used for.
  • nFS Family Sync Screen: There is a new "Mark All" button. When you first add all family members from AQ to nFS, or from nFS to AQ, or you try to sync two matching families, this button will save lots of keystrokes in selecting all the members of a family.
  • nFS Syncing: When you select an item or person to download from nFS to your local file, or to upload to nFS from your local file, the arrow or link icon now shows in green to help it stand out as an action item.
  • LDS Confirmation and Initiatory Ordinances: You can now download them from nFS to your local AQ or PAF file.
  • LDS Ordinance Upload: You can now upload all LDS Ordinances from your AQ or PAF file to nFS
  • FamilySearch Statistics: A new menu item, "Statistics", on the FamilySearch menu will give you a count and percentage of records synced with nFS, and of records not synced.
  • nFS Event Details: The Event detail screen now has an "*" next to the text on the Notes, Sources and Dispute buttons if the event has notes, sources or a dispute.
  • Preferences on FamilySearch Tab: Choose to view LDS Ordinances on the Match screen
  • Preferences on FamilySearch Tab: Choose to have the Individual Review screen automatically come back up after doing certain functions that currently close it, such as Family Sync and Check for Duplicates
  • nFS Check for Duplicates Screen: LDS Ordinances always show

Bug Fixes

  • Publish a Family Book: If you chose the "Line of Descent" type of report as part of the book, and tried to customize the title for that report, it kept the default title. Fixed.

Changes in Build 15 (1/29/2009)


  • Family View - The 'Enter' key now acts like a double-click. Depending on your preference settings, it will act accordingly.
  • FamilySearch and Generate IDs - The Generate Custom IDs tool has been enhanced to allow you to set the Custom ID to the nFS PID. This is particularly useful to those who still use PAF, as it provides a method for viewing the nFS PID in the PAF program. (AQ has other ways of showing the nFS PID, so this is not as useful when working in AQ.)
  • FamilySearch, Ordinances - in the "November" release of new.familysearch.org, nFS started sending "unofficial" ordinances. In some cases, this caused AQ to not show some ordinances, particularly BIC in the Seal to Parent event. These new "unofficial" ordinances are now handled, and the word "Unofficial" is placed by all such ordinances.
  • FamilySearch, Family Sync Screen - for children of the family, if the nFS person was already linked to someone else not in the current family, but the name matched with one of the children in the current family, then the nFS person would line up with that local person (not the one he/she was already linked to). This could cause confusion. AQ was enhanced so that the children will not line up in this case, and the user can see that the nFS person is already linked to someone else.
  • Narrative Reports/Web Pages - If the RINs were not suppressed, and something other than RIN was specified to be appended to the names, and if the code for a person was empty, then there would be a dash '-' printed next to the name. The dash was removed in these cases.
  • Database Check/Repair - Detects and fixes more issues.

Bug Fixes

  • Ahnentafel Report - If an ancestral couple was divorced and also had a marriage date or place, the marriage date and place would not print, but the divorce information would print twice instead. Fixed.
  • Web Page Generation - If the "Hide Living" flag was set, it caused the sources for even deceased spouses to be blocked. Fixed.
  • Pedigree Chart - If you were printing a chart with notes, and you had marriage notes for some of the couples on the chart, the notes may not have continued between pages properly. Fixed.
  • Publish Family Book, Modified Register and Ahnentafel Chapters - If you used a different font for the notes in these chapters than your default setting for the notes font on reports, then the page breaks might not happen properly. Fixed.
  • GEDCOM Import - If you had attached source citations to Seal To Parent events, during the import of a GEDCOM file with these citations, any citations used by the SP events could pick up extraneous information (like text, comments) from other citations attached to other SP events. Fixed.
  • FamilySearch, Family Sync Screen - While syncing a family, if you searched for a spouse on nFS who matched your local spouse, but this nFS spouse was not yet connected to the family in nFS, and you had also asked AQ to send other marriage events from your local file to nFS, the other events didn't move to nFS. Fixed.
  • FamilySearch, Family Sync Screen - If you were adding new parents and siblings from nFS to your local file, and you had selected to add a SP event for the main person, and then you marked another sibling to be added, the mark to add the SP for the main person would disappear. Fixed.
  • FamilySearch, Individual Review Screen - If you were using a PAF database, and you brought certain uncommon nFS events from nFS to your local file, they might not line up properly the next time you reviewed the record. Fixed. (In this case, there was no problem with the data, just the way it was displayed.)
  • FamilySearch, Individual Review Screen - If you placed the "AKA" or "Nickname" from nFS into "Other Events" of your local record, they would not line up with their nFS counterparts next time you used this screen. Fixed. (In this case, there was no problem with the data, just the way it was displayed.)
  • FamilySearch, Check for Changes - If you had deleted individuals in the file, some records might not be checked for changes. Fixed.

Changes in Build 14 (11/12/2008 - With this build, AQ 12.1 is the official release of AQ, and AQ 12.1 is no longer in a controlled roll-out)


  • In the Sorted Places list, AQ did not show marriage custom events. These are now shown. Also, 2nd places of an event, which were first introduced in AQ 12.0, were not shown. Now they are.
  • Added an optional "Session Log" feature. This should be turned on in preferences only when Incline Software needs assistance in tracking down a bug. It is off by default.
  • If you sorted records on dates (in a custom report or the Name List view), the sort handled normal dates well, but largely ignored non-standard dates. AQ now sorts the non-standard dates.
  • The Check/Repair detects and fixes more issues.

Bug Fixes

  • Some users experiences a random bug, where AQ would crash during communication with nFS. Fixed.
  • Some users experienced a problem with AQ "hanging" when they tried to review a record with the corresponding nFS record. This was caused by some corruption in the nFS cache records. This problem is now detected properly, and Check/Repair can fix it.
  • If a person had entered To Do items into a .paf database, then tried to convert the file to a .aq database, AQ would not complete the conversion. Fixed.
  • In the Sorted Places list, places associated with custom events were not being shown. Fixed.
  • When you create a new file, AQ was suggesting the folder you had specified for GEDCOM files rather than for database files. Fixed.
  • If the list of deleted records is corrupted in a .paf database, and the Name List view was set to sort on RIN, then some records in the database would not be shown. This could give the impression that those records were deleted. Now, if the list of deleted records has this problem, AQ will still show all the records, but scrolling through the list will be slower until Check/Repair is run to fix the problem with the list of deleted records.

Changes in Build 13 (11/05/2008)


  • With some changes in the new.FamilySearch.org APIs, we found we could optimize some of the communications in both the Individual Sync and Group Sync processes.
  • Added "View in FamilySearch" to the dropdown menu on the Pedigree, Family and Name List views
  • Added a "View in FamilySearch" button (you'll just see the initials, "FS") to the Individual Review screen
  • Added a "View in FamilySearch" button (you'll just see the initials, "FS") to the Combine Siblings/Children screen. Until we create a better side-by-side view of two nFS persons, this should allow you to bring up one potential duplicate in your browser, then bring up the other potential duplicate in AQ's preview window to compare them side-by-side before combining
  • Added a "View in FamilySearch" button (you'll just see the initials, "FS") to the Individual Link (Sync) screen. If, as you are syncing individuals, you notice that the nFS person has been improperly combined with others, this should let you jump to the same person in the new.FamilySearch.org screen to use their "Separate" feature. We intend to add a Seperate feature into AQ in the near future, but until then, this gives you quick access to the nFS version of that feature.
  • On the "Import Family Lines" screen, added an indicator telling you how many generations have been imported so far.
  • When trying to link (sync) an individual, or check for duplicates on nFS, if you use the 'Search' button to find more potential matches, AQ used to limit you to the first 20 matches. Now it gives you all the matches scoring 4 or 5 -- which might be just a few, or might be hundreds.
  • Added a new menu item under the FamilySearch menu to watch the training video.
  • Added a "nag" screen to remind new users to watch the training video before they get started. Most of our tech calls have to do with teaching users how to use AQ along with a complex nFS system.
  • Improved Check/Repair to fix a couple of more issues that were reported
  • Moved all the translatable text into the language file, so these new features can be translated into any language
  • We learned about a new bug in nFS, wherein the API would not be able to provide information on some individuals if AQ asked for their notes. So in these cases, AQ asks a second time for the information without notes, so the nFS API won't crash. A side result for the user is that even if this individual has notes, nFS cannot provide them to AQ, so you won't see any notes for these rare individuals. (nFS is supposed to fix this bug soon.)

Bug Fixes

  • In build 12, we added a lot of extra checks for potential problems when communicating with nFS. We inadvertantly broke the ability for AQ to update the nFS PID in the local record. This is working again.
  • If you asked AQ to store certain unusual data types from nFS into your local .aq or .paf database, these were sometimes not stored correctly. Fixed.

Changes in Build 12 (10/16/2008)


  • Added additional checks for bugs in the FamilySearch API. AQ now handles more problems, and informs the user better about these.
  • Added 'Hint' text to the NFS Individual Review screen, to help user find the relationship LDS ordinances (Seal to Parent, Seal to Spouse).
  • Added "Expand/Contract Children" button to the Family Sync screen.
  • Improved the handling of a work-around for an NFS bug. If NFS times out when it can't return the LDS ordinances for a person (this can sometimes take nearly 20 minutes), AQ gives a choice of aborting the ordinance read. If the user proceeds with the read, each failure is logged so it will not be attempted again for 30 days.
  • On the NFS Individual Review screen, increased the amount of notes shown to be all of the notes that will be sent to FamilySearch.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a Unicode Byte Order Marker to the GEDCOM listing file.
  • When you ask to transfer the entire local notes for a person to NFS, any confidential note blocks will now be omitted.
  • If you added a standard event (like birth or death) from NFS to a PAF Database (which was created in PAF), as an extra event, then depending on whether you had done certain other things in AQ to set up extra events, this standard event from NFS may not show the event title correctly. Fixed.
  • If you were in the Individual Review screen of the FamilySearch menu, and did a Check for Duplicate, and then combined any duplicates with your person, then when AQ would write new information about the combined person, it neglected to clean up information about the old NFS ID. As a result, Check/Repair would report that some NFS records were not properly connected. It would then finish deleting them. Now AQ takes care of this deletion at the time of the combine.
  • If you had a certain problem with the index of the NFS IDs, this was not reported in Check/Fix. Other indexing problems could then readily crop up, which Check/Fix would repair. Now Check/Fix reports this error initially and lets you fix it sooner.

Changes in Build 11 (10/03/2008)


  • The NFS API has a bug in it wherein if the person has sources, the information from NFS on that person is usually delivered to AQ just fine, but occasionally it is damaged. When it was damaged, this caused several problems for AQ, including what appeared to random crashes. AQ has been improved to recognize these situations and give you a message that the sources will not be available for that person, rather than crashing.
  • Several improvements were made to the "Check for Changes" feature. Among other things, you can now mark a record as having been reviewed without even looking at it, so it won't appear on the list.
  • Check/Repair was improved to fix more situations
  • In the Field Filter of Advanced Filtering, if you asked for an ordinance date that "Contains" certain new codes, like "Ready", this was just implemented.
  • We found a bug in the NFS API wherein AQ is not notified of some children in the case where the only information linking the parent to the child is a Seal to Parent. This was causing some unexpected problems in the display of the Family Sync screen. A work-around was devised for this.

Bug Fixes

  • The "Combine Relatives" screen showed the birth date in the death date column rather than the death date. Fixed.
  • In an AQ database, the status of "In Progress" was not being saved. Fixed.
  • If a place name in NFS was longer than 60 characters, it was being abbreviated. It can now be much longer.
  • On Book reports and Web pages generated, if the option to suppress RINs was not used, and you were appending something other than the RIN to names, you were still getting the RIN. Now you get the ID you want to append.
  • When deleting a record from the local file, which was linked to an NFS record, it could have caused some link problems with other NFS linked record. Fixed.
  • If a linked record had some damage in the link, it could have kept AQ from reading that record. Now the record is read, but a message to run check/repair is given.
  • If you were importing a convoluted family using the Import Family Lines, (such as a son being linked in as his grand-uncle) the family links may not have been made properly. Any such problems we were made aware of were fixed.
  • When syncing families, if the local person is an end-of-line person, but there were parents in NFS, if you tried to add the parents from NFS and also add the Seal to Parent event, the add of the Seal to Parent would fail. Fixed.
  • When working in a .paf database, if you marked the 'quality' of a source or citation as '3-Primary', it would reset to 'U-Undetermined'. Fixed.

Changes in Build 10 (9/11/2008 -- This build was phase III of the roll-out)


  • The Advanced Filtering can now find records with LDS Ordinance dates of "Ready"
  • Adjusted the columns on the Group Sync screen to better show the dates.

Bug Fixes

  • Some of the resizeable screens wouldn't remember their last position. Fixed.
  • In some cases, when there were no children in an nFS family, AQ attempted to read the children, and received an error message. Fixed.
  • In the Family Sync screen, if you tried to replace a value in the nFS record with a different value from your local file, the replace didn't happen. Fixed.
  • In the Family Sync screen, if you already had some children linked, and now tried to link additional children, it could have unlinked the children who were already linked. Fixed.
  • AQ's work-around to detect and block the extra copies of the same nFS person, which nFS sends as match results, had problems if there were more than one extra match person. Fixed.
  • Database Conversion from files prior to AQ 3.0 - If the title of the database contained illegal characters for a filename, the file wouldn't convert. This was fixed by always suggesting the name of "Indiv2.aq" rather than using the title as the suggested filename.

Changes in Build 9 (9/1/2008 -- This build was phase II of the roll-out)


  • Improved the wording on some of the screens
  • Added Gender icons to the family displays
  • Created the 60-day free trial
  • Enhanced the Database Check/Repair to fix some reported problems in the NFS date as stored in the local file
  • Adjusted the Search of Individual screen to show the NFS PID rather than the AFN when a person is linked to NFS
  • Added a FamilySearch tab on the Preferences screen. Currently the only option here is to flush the cache related to NFS activities
  • When adding a child from nFS to local on the Family Sync screen, the Seal to Parent is now added.
  • Adjusted the handling of some special ordinance codes. The NFS "In Progress" is now converted to the older AQ/PAF standard of "In Process". Also, "Reserved" is now converted to "Submitted".
  • Made some improvements for speed in the Import Family Lines feature, and added the ability to request either the "As Entered" or "Standardized" place names. Also added the ability to choose any NFS person, and import the ancestry of that person.
  • Allowed handling of the "Divorced" status of a marriage
  • When searching for more matches on nFS, if a place was considered "ambiguous" by nFS, a new screen was added to help you select a proper place to continue the search.
  • Delayed the reading of children from nFS on some screens, until requested, to allow the screen to come up faster.
  • The Event Details screen now shows the Temple names rather than Temple codes.
  • nFS has a bug wherein the results of a Match request could return the same nFS person several times, each under an old, previously combined ID. AQ now has a work-around which detects these extra copies of the same nFS person and blocks them from showing.
  • Some other minor enhancements not listed

Bug Fixes

  • Put the (Birth-Death) years back in the display for parents/spouses in some screens
  • Made the notes and sources available to the Manual Sync screen
  • When viewing events on the Preview on the Combine Children screen, fixed a problem.
  • Improved the handling of LDS Ordinances in the Spouse/Children screen, and during the Import Family Lines process
  • IGI - When trying to merge information from the current IGI, a bug had been introduced. Fixed.
  • Some other minor fixes not listed

Changes in Build 8 (7/28/2008 -- This build was phase I of the roll-out)

  • Build 8 was the first commercially available build. It was the build associated with phase I of the roll-out.

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