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Latest Release Information for AQ 15

The most current release of Ancestral Quest 15 is Build 5. All changes made to AQ 15 since its initial release are listed below.

Changes in Build 5 (1/25/2017)

Note: Build 4 was only available for a few hours, so most users never installed it. A couple of minor adjustments were made to the program, and build 5 was released a couple of days later. Most users skipped build 4.

Enhancements to General Features

  • Backup on Exit: AQ will now remind you to backup your file each time you close it.
  • TreeTips: TreeTips was designed to search for Hints for deceased ancestors. It now also searches for hints on the living. This can be disabled in Preferences.
  • Enter Key: When users upgrade from an older version (such as 14) to a newer version (such as 15), AQ didn't prompt you for your new key unless you attempted to use one of the new features. It will now prompt for the key.

Bug Fixes to General Features

  • MyHeritage Hinting: We found and fixed a couple of issues with MyHeritage hinting: 1) sometimes AQ would not find hints for all eligible records displayed. Fixed; 2) Some users experienced that a few hints didn't seem to be for the correct ancestors. This turned out to be something we needed to adjust in AQ. It has been fixed. MyHeritage hinting is now performing as expected.
  • Family View: If a marriage status was 'divorced,' but no spouse was entered, the status didn't show on the Spouse List. Fixed.
  • Merge: In some combinations of notes for individuals, AQ would lock up when showing the merge screen. Fixed.

Bug Fixes to FamilySearch Features

  • Memories Manager: Some stories were not showing. Fixed.

Changes in Build 3 (12/15/2016)

Enhancements to General Features

  • FamilySearch Hinting: AQ had been only asking FS for "Pending" (New) hints. AQ now asks FS for ALL hints for a person. (Often 'confirmed' hints are very valuable.) When hints are found, FS has a hints page that shows the Pending and Dismissed (Rejected) hints, but not the Confirmed hints. AQ had been simply showing that page when you clicked on the FS hints. Now you can also click on a specific hint in the list, and AQ will show you that document.

Bug Fixes to General Features

  • FamilySearch Hinting: We found some situations where AQ didn't request hints from FS when it should have. Fixed
  • Family View: If you had LDS data turned on, and none of the children in the family had any LDS ordinances, the birth date column would appear too far to right. Fixed.

Bug Fixes to FamilySearch Features

  • Uploading files in Memories Manager: On rare occasions, if the path to a scrapbook item was a relative path rather than an absolute path, AQ would fail in sending the memory. Fixed.

Changes in Build 2 (12/05/2016)

  • Builds 1 was the first commercially available build.

Enhancements to FamilySearch Features

  • Importing Descendant Family Lines: FamilySearch is implementing a change to their API on 12/6/2016, which will affect the import of descendant family lines. This build anticipates that change so that the import will work properly.

Bug Fixes to FamilySearch Features

  • Uploading PDF files in Memories Manager: PDF files were not setting a flag correctly in FS Memories. Fixed.
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